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The leather - My Buffalo Leather source is located in Hotchkiss, Colorado from a Buffalo leather furniture & leather company. Most hides I use are "naked" leather, there are no stain resistance or water proofing added during it's tanning process.


Stitching and Thread- A Cibado hand sewn bag comes together using the traditional saddle stitch, cross stitch and or sometimes the simple running stitch making them a distinct, beautiful element to the design of the bag. These stitches are sewn together with strong & beautiful waxed thread.


Handles & Closures - Handles & closures details are comprised of antique horse tack. Antique hardware becomes re-purposed into closures and antique horse reins become the handles. So far, most materials used to build a Cibado bag have been sourced locally.....from farmers, antique shops, carriage repair men, farm auctions, friends, friends of friends.......the list goes on. It's been an adventure just this aspect alone, the sourcing and gathering of these treasures and bringing them new life.  Many people only want to give their old goods to a place where they will be re-purposed and put to new use. With each new source, I meet a host of interesting people, learn some history and usually walk away with some crazy little story.......a bundle of good energy that gets put into each bag.

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